Rooted Birth Collective:  

We are a group of women in the Carolinas who want to see women live healthy and wild lives, to see undisturbed birth make a come-back, and to see families claim their autonomy. 


ROOTED: established deeply and firmly; strong

The women of Rooted Birth Collective are individuals with unique styles, beliefs and personalities. However, during the creation of the Collective, it became evident that we have much in common. The following became the guiding principles for Rooted Birth as we work with women and their families. We are ROOTED in...


Families of all kinds have our love. We celebrate the beauty inherent in humanity's diversity. We want to create a relationship with the brave...those who might feel alone in their choices, but make them anyway. 


We honor the power of the spirit as an essential place of healing. Any spiritual path a family has chosen is worthy of our respect and attention. Our job is to help them find holiness and meaning in their experience.


We believe in women's inherent wisdom; to choose caregivers, place of birth, and healing modalities. We honor their rights to bodily autonomy and true informed consent. We respect their boundaries, and are clear about our own. 


We value our time, our knowledge, and our energy.  We strive to remain personally balanced; to have a clear mind, heart, and spirit as we do our work. Our own baggage is checked at the door. It does not enter a woman's space.


We believe:

  • Our job is to honor a woman's power, and at times, to be her mirror. She is the wise one, and she is in charge. The job of a caregiver is to help where they are needed, not to be the boss or authority. How can we empower a woman? The power is already hers!

  • There are often simpler, more natural solutions to the issues that people have been taught to accept as "normal"

  • All people have the innate ability to improve the health of their bodies and those of their families through nutrition, natural and/or western medicine, movement, time in nature, and deep connections with their neighbors.

  • Owning and creating one's own experience flows from one area of life to the next. Autonomous birth often serves as a catalyst for people feeling confident to take responsibilty for their health and lives in general.

Physiology, trust, and intuition are our guides.