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Emily Graham 

Like so many birth workers, my love for birth began with my own experience; the birth of my first child, who was born at home in 2008. Today, I am a Birth Keeper and a lover and educator of women, through Emily + Carey, Indie Birth, and Angela Gallo’s Dynamo Doula Program. I consider myself wondrously fortunate to have learned from not only a kind-hearted, experienced preceptor, but a wise, engaging teacher to accompany my introduction to the world of birth. (Shout out to Jen and Whapio!) After my own babies were born, I have joined each of my midwives to attend other women in birth. It has felt like the village I've always longed for - to go from birthing mother to mother's attendant with familiar faces by my side. 

At home my roles are wife, mother, sweeper of floors and dropper of f-bombs. My partner, Jason is ridiculously supportive and together we are figuring out this thing called Raising Up The Kids. We have four; two sons and two daughters, and we describe parenthood as a messy, noisy, curious delight. All of our children were born in at home with midwives who supported an undisturbed birth experience. My last was filmed and is the subject of the birth documentary These Are My Hours. In October of 2018, I took on an additional role as Lead Producer of the film. Participating in this film is perhaps the most badass thing I've ever done and I'm quite proud of it! 

I see birth as a path to self-awareness and a rite of passage. When called upon to witness the birth of a child, I am fully present with the family. Understanding that birth looks many ways, I believe my work is to listen and offer guidance, rather than manage or direct. Birth is a lesson that keeps on teaching, and I am grateful to be its student.

Working with The Matrona, Indie Birth and These Are My Hours have given me the opportunity to meet hundreds of birthworkers of all kinds, and I found something out: SO many midwives and doulas are holding trauma in their bodies. Stress from living a life on call, being witness to mistreatment of women by other caregivers, and being the holder of secrets and stories for countless families. I am grateful to these folks for opening their souls to me in a way that led me to this new passion of mine; trauma-informed care for birthworkers.

Deep in the throes of continued learning, I also offer vaginal steams to people in all stages of life. I found a deep respect and love for this ancient practice through my studies with Keli Garza of Steamy Chick. My husband donates his extra time (ha! what's that? we have 4 kids!!) to build steam saunas by hand out of pine and cedar in his basement workshop.

I dream of a community where families raise one another's children, cook meals for anyone hungry and are at ease with the spectrum of human life experiences; from births to deaths and everything in between.  May this work can be one step along the way.


Carey Glenn, CPM

The foundation for my birth philosophy and work began in 2003 with the pregnancy and birth of my first child. I sought prenatal care from an Upstate SC midwife and benefited greatly from her wisdom and nurturing during that time. For my next birth, I traveled to the Farm in Summertown, Tennessee. Their principles of service to women broadened my appreciation for the art of midwifery. I was certified as a doula through Hypnobabies International in 2009. My study and research were continuous and culminated with becoming a direct-entry midwife in the state of South Carolina in 2010. I obtained a CPM in 2019 through the Experienced Midwife route and am a registered preceptor.

I happily nursed my babies for a total of 6 years and counseled many other nursing mothers through simple and complex breastfeeding concerns. I continue to deepen my study and understanding of lactation as a part of my services for women.

I was featured in the film These Are My Hours, and also work behind the scenes as a post-production co-producer.

I work as a musician and co-director of Sacred Heart Beats, a drum therapy service organization connecting those with special needs to community members, employees, and at-risk youth in volunteerism through regular training programs to utilize music and dance as a medium for healing and human connection.

I am supported by my partner and best friend, Scott, and our beautiful blended family. I am eternally grateful for the support of my mother and extended family for knitting together life when I am away.

Stormi Harmon

I am a wife and mama of 2 sweet girls! I love fruit, reading multiple books at one time, spending time with my family and trying new foods. I am a Doula, Health Educator and I focus on Holistic Nutrition.  Birth, babies,mamas and providing solutions for my community fills my heart. I am so grateful that The Most High has allowed me to serve others at some of the most important times of their lives. I truly feel this is my purpose and being allowed to grow in it, has been nothing short of a blessing. Every time I am welcomed into someone's birth space, or trusted to help them make life changes I am completely honored to be by their side.

I chose to become a doula after I had my daughter. During my birth as well as pregnancy, I felt that I was treated different. Many assumptions were made but I was never given a choice. When I did make it clear that I was informed to a certain degree, many were shocked and even asked me; "How do you know that?" or "What is your educational background?" At that point I wanted to do something about it but wasn't sure how. I wanted to be sure that no one was ever in my situation and always had an advocate as well as support. My goal is to help mamas walk away from their births, saying "I felt loved, supported, empowered, and I made the best choices for myself and my baby".

I was not always the "health nut" that people say I am. I ate anything and used anything. My boyfriend at the time (who is now my amazing husband) was the one to encourage me to to take better care of myself - from learning the truth about food production, to understanding the dangers of what we apply to our bodies. Getting back to what The Most High created is key - created for us and for us to live in good health. Once I learned and applied these things, I COULD NOT keep it to myself. I would be doing a disservice if I did not share. I am all about helping families make changes to live a better life. I am a firm believer in breaking family cycles and eliminating need for the word "hereditary" to be associated with diseases and disorders.