Families have varying levels of support from their friends and families, so we offer several different types of postpartum care. We are HUGE believers that the postpartum time is an opportunity to heal and reset the body for lifelong health. It's time for postpartum care to make a comeback!

**Note on pregnancy loss: All of our postpartum care is appropriate (and necessary) for bereaved families. Gifting postpartum care to a loved one with empty arms is a beautiful and thoughtful way to honor her experience.

{Families who work with Rooted Birth doulas will receive a 30% discount for all Postpartum care}

One week old, soaking up the sunshine.

One week old, soaking up the sunshine.

Full postpartum care $1000

  • One prenatal visit to discuss birth plans and postpartum care options.

  • 5 in-home or -hospital visits (done anytime in the first 10 weeks postpartum) to reflect on birth and encourage mother and baby's wellness; both physical and emotional. All visits are 2 hours each.

  • Breastfeeding support.

  • Herbal vaginal steams for 30 days (includes herbs and use of locally made steam sauna)

  • 40% off Steam Sauna purchase ($70 savings)

  • One 15 min. infant massage, with instructions so you or a family member can continue this practice

Postpartum care packages make great gifts from loved ones. Family and friends can pitch in and provide you with weeks of support while you heal and spend time with your new baby. 

Postpartum Nutrition Support   $500


Postpartum nutrition around the world focuses on soft, warming, nutrient-dense foods. As the mother moves away from her birthing time, her diet becomes more solid and hearty. We follow this loose framework, but work with each woman to develop a plan that she feels works with her unique body. We purchase the ingredients, prepare the meals, and stock your fridge and freezer to feed you for a month. 

  • One prenatal visit (2 hours) to discuss diet preferences and logistics

  • Clear broths for one week after birth

  • Clear soups with grains, vegetables and/or meats for one week

  • Hearty soups/stews or other meals for two weeks

These meals are designed specifically for the postpartum mother. Many families are now well-fed via FoodTrain and other such services, but we have found that the food is often better suited for her family. This service allows your loved ones to feed your family while you are nurtured with foods that follow cross-cultural postpartum care customs.

Stormi is vegan, and Emily has spent time as a vegetarian and vegan over the years, so please reach out if finding ways to incorporate a plant-based diet during your postpartum is important to you!

Freezer Meal Workday $250

We spend a day at your house preparing freezer meals for you and your family during your early weeks postpartum. You supply the food, we make it into nourshing meals. We bring containers for your freezer. If you have a list of favorite meals, we'll make them. If you have no idea what to make and just want a freezer full of food, we have plenty of ideas!

  • One prenatal visit (2 hours) to discuss diet preferences and write lists

  • One day of cooking in your home (you can be home or not, your choice)

  • Complete clean-up of kitchen. We promise to leave it better than we found it!

  • List of directions for each meal, so your postpartum care team can easily cook them without needing to ask you for instructions.