Postpartum Vaginal Steaming $175

Women across time and cultures have used vaginal steaming to heal their wombs and vaginas after birth. Vaginal steaming during the postpartum is a simple yet profound form of self-care. Daily steaming for 30 days with custom, organic herbal blends is a gentle, powerful cleansing method - helping to heal tender tissues that may have been stretched, torn or otherwise made sore during a birth. Steaming helps to stimulate a full uterine cleanse and aids in the release of any remaining lochia after the baby is born. Steaming feels amazing and offers emotional support during a time when women are especially open and often need a grounding and comforting ritual to reconnect with their newly non-pregnant bodies. 

Emily has trained with Steamy Chick as a Postpartum Peristeam Hydrotherapist, Vaginal Steam Facilitator and Menstrual Cycle Analyst and is now offering in-home vaginal steams to postpartum women and those who struggle with menstrual complaints and dis-eases. Women can begin steaming their perineum and vagina as soon as 4 days after birth. It is necessary to wait until the bleeding from the birth has ended - meaningthe flow has lightened. Please contact us if you aren't sure if your body is ready to steam.

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  • Consultation to develop a personalized herbal steam blend

  • Herbs for 10 days of steaming

  • My presence at the first steam

  • Personalized, in-home assessment at the end of your steams

  • Instructions to continue this practice during your postpartum and throughout life!

  • Use of a beautiful, locally made pine steam sauna