Inviting a doula to one's birth is becoming more and more mainstream, which is great! We believe that everyone should be able to construct the support team they want for their labor. Doula services are particularly helpful in the hospital setting, where the infrastructure is set up to support the caregivers, not a person's innate needs for birth; quiet, darkness, privacy, warmth. We believe that the intent of any birthworker should be to facilitate a Rite of Passage for the birthing mother.  


Emily Graham or Carey Glenn  $1000

Emily and Carey each have over 10 years of experience attending births and have served hundreds of families through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Emily and Carey both serve families planning births at a hospital. Services include the following:

  • Childbirth Education. Be prepared for birth; for what it feels, looks and sounds like. Understand the stages of labor and birth, and what to expect from your chosen caregiver and place of birth.

  • Birth support. Your doula will be on call beginning your 37th week of pregnancy (if you go into labor prior to 37 weeks, we do our best to be available and attend your birth, however that looks). For families planning an early birth due to complications, your doula will be on call during your planned birthing window.

  • Immediate postpartum support. Your doula will stay at your place of birth until you are feeling settled.

  • Postpartum support. We continue to provide support as you need it during the start of your life as a new parent. You can call or text during daytime hours. We typically schedule one appointment during the first couple of days; once around one week, and again around one month.

  • Healing bone (or veggie) broth for the first week after birth. We’ll make it for you, exactly the way you like it. The wisdom of midwives going back for centuries tells us that warm and easily digestible foods are best for a new mama. Let us help your body recover and feel strong as you rest with your baby.

  • Postpartum Peristeam Hydrotherapy (or Vaginal Steaming). We lend you a locally made steam sauna and create a personalized steam blend for your postpartum. You will keep the steam sauna for 30 days and will have enough herbs to continue your steam practice throughout that time. You may buy the steam sauna for a discounted price at the end of your month of steams.





Stormi Harmon $600

STORMI HARMON of Live 2 Serve

STORMI HARMON of Live 2 Serve

Stormi has over 4 years of experience as a doula. She provides doula services for families planning births at any local hospitals, birth centers or at home.

Services include the following:

  • Unlimited phone and email support through pregnancy and 6 weeks postpartum

  • Prenatal nutrition session

  • Birth plan

  • Comfort measures session

  • Postpartum and breastfeeding education

  • Self care session

  • Postpartum herbal bath

  • Magnesium-infused massage

  • On call at 36 weeks until birth

  • Full labor support, plus 2 hours breastfeeding and postpartum support

  • Postpartum followup visit

See Stormi's website for a complete list of services:

Families Rooted Birth serve as doulas are offered a 30% discount on postpartum care