about emily and Carey

We both came into midwifery after our first babies were born. During the same years, hundreds of miles apart, we both studied and learned the art of midwifery through traditional apprenticeships. Each of us has sat with hundreds of families during the powerful year of growing, birthing, and nursing a baby. We met for the first time in 2012 when Emily hired Carey to be her midwife for her third birth. We quickly decided we’d work together after Emily’s postpartum, and that’s just what we did!

We’ve learned a few things along the way, and have been thoroughly humbled and changed by watching people dig deep and show up for themselves in ways they never thought possible. Birth is a catalyst for a whole-life shift, for everyone who does it or sees it, if one can be still enough to allow it’s magic to work. Birth is humanity, it is community, it is feminism, it is a reclamation of power. In a world where parenthood is politicized and made into a hardship, we bravely and loudly claim our place in a world where mothers are seen for what they truly are; lifegivers and changemakers. Our work is to support families having babies and the people who serve them in seeing the power they hold in themselves.


We build bridges, serve families, write poetry, make music, do lots of front porch sitting, and teach anyone who will listen about the badassery of birth.

how lucky are we to live this life together?!


We believe in the potency of each of us showing up as our authentic selves and the power of birth to change the world


these are my hours

Emily and Carey are featured in the film These Are My Hours, a new documentary about homebirth. In this powerful, gorgeous, artful film, you can see their relationship in action. The film shows their trust in one another and in birth while shining a big huge spotlight on what birth can be like when it isn’t fussed with; full of challenge, doubt, determination and utterly boundless joy. Witness Emily stepping into motherhood for the 4th time (but for the first time, as always). These Are My Hours is completely focused on Emily’s experience – mother-centric – and is free from commentary from experts or “talking heads”. There is no interruption in the emotionality of birth, and the camera is never more than 5 feet from Emily’s body. This is as close to being present at a birth as you can get without actually attending one.


We hope this movie can change our culture’s view of birth.

matrescence is a time of fiery feminism and stepping into one’s power - a moment in a WOMAn’s life when absolutely nothing can stop HER from showing up as a heroine.


There you are in front of the coals, and they’re burning. And it’s your turn to walk across them. You’re the only one walking, the only one who’s feet are gonna get burned... But you can see the footprints of the mothers who came before you, so you know it isn’t your journey alone.
— Emily Render-Graham, These Are My Hours

We are currently traveling with the film to Universities and birth communities around the US and shouting our birth wisdom from the rooftops. We’ve shared These Are My Hours with everyone from college freshmen at an all-male school to 2nd year medical students, pregnant women to retired men, doulas-in-training to seasoned midwives. We’ve gone from New York to California and we’re not done yet.

In 2019, These Are My Hours has been featured at the International Day of the Midwife celebration in Calgary, Alberta and at the Normal Labour and Birth Conference in the UK.

Contact us if you’d like to share These Are My Hours at your birth-centric event.

what we’re up to…


rooted birth childbirth educator training program

change your community

Childbirth educators are the unsung heroes of the birth world, and as we’ve traveled the country with the birth film and talked with folks around the world, we are finding that most places are sorely lacking in childbirth education options. This goes from huge metropolitan cities to rural farm towns. Where have the childbirth educators gone? Seeing this need, we have decided to consolidate our knowledge and experience into a Childbirth Educator Certification Program, which will be offered in person and online beginning fall 2019.

The Alchemy of Adrenaline

Hold space more powerfully

We all know how miraculous adrenaline is in the body of the birthing person, but little is said about how it affects the whole room. This webinar focuses on adrenaline in the body of the birth attendant. We’ll share with you how to recognize the signs in your own body, discuss the gifts and curses of adrenaline, and offer tips for managing your own, so that you don’t inadvertently discharge it on the family you’re witnessing.

Currently included as part of the Dynamo Doula Program by Angela Gallo. Previously taught at Indie Birth Midwifery Conference in 2018 and at Skidmore College in NY.

Coming soon as a mini e-course on Podia!

Skills at the Beach

Becoming a midwife is hard enough without having to worry about finding a skilled mentor to practice skills and/or sign your NARM secondary skills verification forms. We’ll gather in the Outer Banks, NC for a weekend of skills, paperwork, sisterhood, and nightly events that make it feel more like a mini-retreat than a skills workshop. We have a wonderful team assembled for you: Carey Glenn, an experienced CPM, Deb Fiore, a practicing CNM (who has attended births for 17 years in home and hospital), Lou, a retired CNM who is thrilled to be “back in the game”, Emily Graham and Dallas Bossola will serve as workshop doulas and make sure everything runs smoothly.

This is gonna be so much fun! Please join us.

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Scientists, philosophers, psychologists, and mystics have long sought to understand altered states of consciousness. William James' work "Seven Characteristics of Mystical Experiences" specifies particular parameters for qualifying an event as a Mystical Experience. But of course, he’s a dude, and so he completely misses that birth perfectly fits all his criteria! Get your birth nerd on with this webinar about the mysticism of birth!

Coming soon as a mini e-course on Podia!




Vaginal steaming (or peristeam hydrotherapy) uses the powerful upward motion and warmth of simmering water to bring the medicinal components of herbs to your vulva, vagina, uterus and bum (huge shout-out to the bum for all it goes through in childbirth, right?!)

Midwives have been using vaginal steaming for centuries, in cultures all over the world. Steaming is a fabulous way to help your skin heal after birth, to bring some goodness to your lady bits, and restore your vaginal health. Plus it feels and smells AMAZING!

Let us pamper your bottom! Vaginal steaming is a great practice for mamas who had vaginal births, cesareans, tears, stitches or losses of any kind.


You can also steam for good ol’ fashioned period care. We both steam every month on boxes made by Emily’s mega-talented (and handsome) partner, Jason.

steam box.jpg

 What some of the amazing women we’ve served are saying about us

Meeting with Emily for the first time, I felt from her a groundedness, a deep maternal wisdom, and an authentic invitation to be myself, and to trust myself throughout this journey. I’m not sure I can accurately express just how incredible and supportive Emily was in all the ways, at all the rights times throughout my pregnancy and birth. Her presence was always relieving AND empowering - she helped me feel like I could be vulnerable and courageous at the same time. She kept it real - something I am forever grateful for - and shared just enough of her own experiences with me to “normalize” my insanity, without ever making it about her. She was emotionally supportive along every step of the way.
Further, Emily was present and supportive every step of the way during the difficult postpartum period - tidying, bringing food, continuing to support us both emotionally and physically throughout the process.
— JORDAN, first-time mama
Emily was informative, but also very supportive. I knew that for my family it was the best decision and she supported me completely. After we came home Emily was at my house constantly. My husband had to go right back to work, but Emily was there helping. She helped me with my older 3 kids. She cooked up easy to grab food for me, and she even cleaned my house. She did all of this while she herself was around 8 months pregnant. She was selfless, kind, and incredibly giving.
She has helped me tremendously on my own journey to becoming a doula as well. She is my role model, and I hope I can someday be half the doula that she was to me. Emily was the perfect fit for me. She was nurturing, loving, kind, and gracious. Words just cannot express how helpful she truly was. My whole family came to love her and she will be a forever friend.
— LYDIA, MAMA of 4